Seven reasons to fall in love with Menorca … and that love is eternal

Vacaciones Menorca


Their charms are subtle and will catch you almost without realising it. It is not necessary to have a romantic plan -or if- to visit the quietest and most authentic island of the Balearic archipelago. You will fall at your feet, and love will last forever.

Here are seven reasons to start planning your getaway or your vacation to Menorca and let the destination seduces yourself.

  1. Travelling to Menorca is a good option at any time of the year. As soon as you arrive, you will feel the tranquillity and calm that is breathed in a territory of barely 700 kilometres long but with an infinite number of possibilities to enjoy and live it, starting with visiting its villages and interacting with the Islanders. Surely you will know places that do not appear in any tourist guide.
  2. Declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993, Menorca treasures a great natural wealth. The rural landscape and its large drywall grid; its forests and its leafy ravines; its cliffs; the wetlands; the reddish aspects of the north; the white sands of the south, form an exceptional heterogeneous mosaic that is worth discovering.
  3. The beaches of Menorca are authentic paradises. Bathing in turquoise and crystalline waters is not a dream on an island with more than eighty sandy beaches and numerous coves and calderas. Even beaches with more urban environments, such as Sant Tomàs or S’Arenal d’en Castell, have a unique charm and excellent water quality.
  4. The historical heritage of Menorca is millennial. Its more than 1,500 Talayotic sites are of exceptional value due to their building technique and proper state of conservation. To visit any of the prehistoric monuments is to feel the majesty of the stone and all the strength of the legacy of the first inhabitants of the island.
  5. The Camí de Cavall, the historical path that borders the entire coastal perimeter of Menorca, has become one of the main attractions for sports lovers and for all those who merely want to enjoy a route or a walk in the middle of nature. There are also many options for hiking or bicycle touring on interior roads.
  6. Man does not just live by bread, and in Menorca, you will enjoy a rich and varied gastronomic offer. The island will also conquer you for the flavour of its cheese, its sausages, its wines, its honey, the olive oils… and for traditional recipes that go from a simple ‘oliaigua’ to the precious lobster casserole. Do not forget to visit the agri-food markets or savour the proposals of chefs and restaurants that are delighting your guests and reaping success among the critics.
  7. In summer, you can experience postcard sunsets from a lighthouse, on the top of a cliff, from a beach or the terrace of a bar. However, can you imagine a dinner or an evening under the stars? In Menorca, there are many corners without light pollution that will allow you to look at the sky and feel that you are part of the universe.