The Hotel 55 Santo Tomás receives the regional Hotels & Tourism award

Hotel 55 Santo Tomás
At Set Hotels, we are celebrating.

A few days ago, our Hotel 55 Santo Tomás, received the regional Hotels & Tourism award from Caixabank, in the category of technological innovation, for the novelty and originality of the technology that we apply in our business model.

In our Hotel 55, we bet on a hotel concept aimed at guests who wish to integrate into the destination and live a different and respectful experience with the environment. It is not only about offering accommodation and use of facilities but combining all this with various activities and personalised services.

The guests have, from their arrival, the attention of a Guest Experience that let them know all the possibilities that our island offers, helping them to book the services and activities that they wish. Besides, the hotel provides personal trainers and spa service.

That is why the architectural and implementation of Hotel 55 is born from our concern to minimise the impact on the environment (environmental and visual) and always thinking of landscape integration (the building adapts to the topography of the land, so practically no excavation has been carried out).

Hotel 55 Santo Tomás
Hotel 55 Santo Tomás, Menorca.

Also, the Hotel 55 has been designed with modern and efficient facilities obtaining the Energy Efficiency Certificate Rating A.

We have taken into account aspects such as the selection of the solar factor of all the windows of all the carpentry; The generation equipment for the air conditioning of the SPA enclosure (which is four tubes and with recovery in the refrigeration circuit); The air conditioning system of the rooms through VRV subsystems that allow savings and also centralised control of each room; The ventilation systems have energy recovery; The recirculation pumps for the generation of DHW runs with electronic control BMS, among others.

Likewise, at Hotel 55 we have opted for technological innovation in both management and execution:

  • We have an innovative, intelligent system for the control of the facilities; BMS (Building Management System) that remotely from any PC allows:

*  Manage and supervise all thermal installations (AA, boilers …)
*  Manage and oversee all the lighting of the noble areas (DALIT system)
*  To account water consumption in areas of the building, to control the inefficient use of water and detect leaks, as well as the incorrect functioning of consumer equipment in advance.

  • We have a system via “on-line” (through the intranet SetHotels) that on the one hand, allows the Management of Failures to act quickly and on the other hand, has a specific option to track all comments at all times or suggestions from customers.

Our commitment to innovation, efficiency and sustainability have made our Hotel 55 Santo Tomás deserve this award.